SVE Practice Learn Step up en Rumanía

good trainer 2Proyecto SVE Practice Learn Step up en Rumanía

GROW is the only program in Romania focused on non-formal education designed for high school students who want to be their own mighty heroes and add value to their free time. The program offers high-school students a professionally-designed educational curriculum complementary to the formal educational system. Learning through the process is the saying of Grow. The workshops are delivered in English by
international trainers, coached by the Scoala de Valori trainer’s team and other professionals.


Teenagers explore real life situations through exercises, games, deates and team activities
They draw conclusions, learn from experiences and get fresh insights about the subject.
They apply the new skills by creating some impactful project and implementing them in their communities.good trainer 3 good trainer





Scoala de Valori (School of Values) is a modern non-governmental and non-profit organization whose vision is to change the core values of Romanian society.

Scoala de Valori was created to guide Romanian youth on the path of self-discovery that takes place during their high-school years and help them develop a strong moral compass. We help them find out who they are and what they like.
We help them believe in themselves and the choices that they make. We help them trust their inner voice. Our most popular and most successful project is GROW. The word “Grow” is full of meaning, full of thoughts that let us think regarding of its power.

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