Marta, Rocío y Pedro en Rumanía

Estás pensando en hacer tu proyecto de voluntariado?
Lee los testimonios de Marta, Rocío y Pedro de su proyecto en Rumanía y doma la decisión de cambiar tu vida ya! :)
I want to share with you my experience. So you will know how it feels to be a trainer in Grow. I have never done anything similar in my life before, and I was afraid and anxious to know what it was about. But everything was wonderful: meet people from all around the world, activities, spare time moments hanging out… However the best was about to come. I had several groups of participants, and I connected more with some groups than with others. But when I connected, it was magic. Looking back, I remember once I was making the debriefing part of the session, in which I created an intimate atmosphere by sitting in the floor making a circle. Here we talked about the messages and learnings from the session. At some point they trusted me so much that they started talking about their personal concerns for their future. I felt so grateful and happy that they trusted me and asked me for help and advice. I could feel the confidence they put on me. It is a wonderful feeling. Because I gave a little of myself, and by the end I received much more than I gave. By the end they taught me to dance “hora” (traditional Romanian dance). This is what I enjoyed the most and one of the most beautiful memories.

Pedro CanteroPedro:
Having fun is the best way to learn
It was an unique experience, totally recommendable, during two very special weeks. I was nervous at first for speaking in public in front of teenagers but very satisfied at the end, because I had the feeling that it was really helping some of those teenagers. I felt very good when I saw that I could help someone. We developed activities to learn, and because having fun is one of the best ways to learn, everyone participated. You get the feeling that you belong to a great family, with very good values. Also all this helped me to learn about myself, improve my English in public and meet wonderful people.
I completely recommend everybody to join this beautiful and remarkable experience.
Pedro Cantero Soto

I was completely out of my comfort zone
The first day in Bucharest when I met all of my colleges I was very nervous and afraid because everyone was older that me and I start to thought that I chose wrong, that this was not my place. After the first week I realized that all of them were amaizing and I didn’t care anymore about the age. But then the fear start again with ITTT, I had to speak in public in English and deliver sessions for teenagers. I had never done something like that before, and I was completly out of my comfort zone.
The sessions were amazing, I had so much fun and I learnt a lot from them and about myself. Because of this first experience the summer edition was better and I was not
that nervous, I could enjoy it more. I would definetly recommend to participate in GROW as a trainer, it was a big challenge for me, I’ll never forget!

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