EVS en Lituania (Vilnius)

Ubicación: Vilnius, Lituania                                             1506235_702382899783614_2106841497_o(3)

Duración: 12 meses

Salida: 1 de Febrero, 2018 – 31 de Enero, 2019

Plazas vacantes: 1


What is The Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE)?

DofE is a program for young people that gives them an opportunity to challenge themselves through different unformal activities: volunteering, physical recreation, gaining new skills and outdoor activities. This learning process is highly structured and mentored by trained award leaders, supervisors and hike assessors. Except personal development, the participants are additionally motivated with a badge from British Embassy, which gives this program and its participants extra value and recognition.
More about DofE you can read here: http://www.intaward.org/
About DofE in Lithuania you can find here in Lithuanian: http://www.dofe.lt/

What would be the main activities of an EVS volunteer?

We would like to have an EVS volunteer that would be willing to help us with our activities in the office and on the field, focusing on visiting organizations around Lithuania and promoting the program (in English), helping with outdoor activities, hikes and building trusting relationships with the leaders and youngsters in the program.

What qualities are advantages for joining our team?

We are hoping that our new EVS volunteer is motivated in gaining knowledge and experience in a field of unformal education, that he/she has a good level of English, experience and passion in hiking is a big plus and having a DofE badge would be AWESOME!!

What is the duration of the project?
12 months – from 1st of February 2018 to 31st of January 2019.

Envío de las solicitudes
Send us your CV and motivational letter to: evs@muxelka.org till 10th of September with mentioning ‘EVS in DofE’ in the topic



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