Voluntariado en Polonia (Kielce)

vfeVolunteer for education
Lugar: Polonia (Kielce)
Fechas: 1.10.2018-31.07.2019
Deadline para solicitar: 11/09/2018

Dear volunteer,
in front of you lies a great adventure. 10 months in
Poland, a time filled with changing the community
for better, working in an intercultural environment,
learning new things, making tons of new friends
from all over the world.

We will be extremely grateful if you will decide to devote your time to change the hearts and minds of our society. We believe it will leave an everlasting impact both on you and the community you are going to work with.

Sometimes it might be hard, but always remember, that we are all in this together, we are
a team that supports each other, so you are never on your own with your problems.

Maybe the time comes that you will miss your old life. So remember that your life will never be the same.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Best regards,
Regional Volunteer Center Team

Sobre el proyecto

This project is a continuation of projects from previous years. With 7- years experience, we developed high standards both for participating organizations and volunteers. The main goal of this project is to bring intercultural dimension into formal education, introduce non-formal education, give space to volunteers to develop their potential and
share their skills and knowledge with children. In wider dimension, it is also to change the environment in Kielce and the surroundings to be more open for a diversity of cultures.


Preparing and delivering workshops for children in kindergarten/school/youth centre – in accordance with capacity and skills of volunteers and the needs of schools.
Supporting organization of various school events (e.g. Independence Day, Christmas, Grandmother’s Day etc.)
Supporting language classes (introducing games and different
activities within formal setting)
Preparing afterschool classes. Promoting volunteering (local and
European) in schools.
In the case of integrating facilities – supporting disabled children in
dressing up, washing hands, eating meals, etc.
Taking care of the visibility of the project (taking and posting
pictures on Facebook, running a blog, preparing a calendar, creating
a movie etc.)
Participating in international events to create a space for interaction
between foreigners in Kielce (students, EVS volunteers, interns) with
Participating in Polish language course, monthly meetings with
teachers, volunteers and coordinators, preparing new content for
workshops (we will, of course, help you with that).
Providing workshops in the frame of “Youth Station”.
Participating in On-Arrival and Mid-Term training organized by
polish National Agency, as well as 3-day training organized by
Regional Volunteer Centre at the start of a project.
Occasionally helping in the office.

Tu desarrollo

Knowledge of Polish education system and teaching methods in kindergarten, school or youth centre
Getting experience in working with children and youth (also with children with disabilities).
Develop facilitation skills by preparing and conducting workshops, trainings, classes and courses.
Improving your language skills – you will use English, learn Polish and even teach your mother
Basics of graphic design, video editing, using social media.
Oral presentation skills.
Increased confidence and self-esteem.
Getting to know region od Swietokrzyskie and Poland.
Management and marketing skills, while preparing events.
Having a portfolio of workshops that you can use after the project.
Knowledge of non-formal education.
Experience in working in an intercultural environment.
Participating in various trainings and workshops.

All of your learning outcomes will be summarized in the Youthpass certificate at the end of the project.

No te preocupes por…

1.MONEY – you will get 100 EUR per month for food and 120 EUR for your own expenses. 220 EUR per month is easily enough in Poland :)
2. TRAVEL COSTS – you will get travel reimbursement, first for getting here and going back (the maximum amount depends on a country, 99% of the time is more than enough :). In Kielce, you will be provided with a monthly pass for public transport. If you’ll have to
travel further then you just need to save your tickets and we will return you the money as well.
3. ACCOMMODATION – you will live in a flat with other volunteers. To
give you some privacy you will have your own room :) You will have sheets and equipped kitchen. And to separate your work from life, you can always come to our office and use our space and equipment.
4. LIFE – if living in a completely different environment scares you,
not to worry :) You will have people to help you out with everything. First of all your MATE – a person that will take care of formalities like creating a polish bank account or getting a polish sim card. He or she will also take you to a doctor if something bad happens. MENTOR – everyone will have one, and that’s a person that takes care of your
learning process. and psychological support. Project can be overwhelming sometimes, but you’re not alone – you have your mentor. COORDINATOR – you
supervisor that organizes your work as well as providing you with useful workshops.

Gastos del viaje

Your travel costs to a host country and back will be reimbursed up to the amount that depends on a distance
measured on this website: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/distance-calculator_en



Please remember that it is your limit for BOTH ways.

Cómo solicitar tu plaza?

The call is opened for candidates from program countries only.
In order to apply you should:

  1. Submit your CV and cover letter to evs@muxelka.org
  2. Prepare a scenario for a 45-minute class, that you think will fit the
    needs of the project. It shouldn’t exceed one A4 page. You should send it
    with your CV and cover letter.
  3. We will contact you after we will read your application to schedule a
    Skype interview.
  4. Come to Poland :)
    That’s all :)
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