SVE en Rumanía (Bucharest)

bucharestOrganización de acogida: School of Values (Şcoala de Valori)
Bucharest, Rumanía
Duración: 10 meses
Salida: 3 de enero 2018 – 7 de noviembre 2018
Edad: 18 – 30
Plazas vacantes: 1

Practice, learn, step up!

Practice, learn, step up!” aims to involve 9 EVS participants in non-formal education activities together with high-school students, over a 10-month period.

The main aim of our project is to encourage the self-discovery, personal and professional development of youth in an international environment, with the help of non-formal education. We aim to involve EVS volunteers in our successful program GROW and in other non-formal education programs for high-school students developed by our organisation in Bucharest, Romania.

The activities designed for EVS volunteers will involve:
– Helping in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of non-formal education programs for youth
– Being trained by our educational specialists to develop public speaking and training skills, in order to facilitate non-formal education sessions
– Preparing and delivering non-formal education sessions for high-school students, on various topics related to: personal values, communication abilities, self-efficiency, entrepreneurship, proactivity, leadership, career orientation
– Organising various projects and events (cultural, educational, charitable) together with the high-school students
– A diversified program of informal activities with the students and with local volunteers

We are looking for EVS volunteers aged 18 to 30, who:
– Have a good knowledge of English
– Are interested in education and in working with high-school students
– Are willing to learn about non-formal educational methods and an innovative non-formal education curriculum
– Are highly motivated to grow personally and professionally and to have a positive impact in society

Our EVS project offers volunteers the chance to develop numerous skills and abilities related to:
– Training, public speaking, self-presentation, verbal and non-verbal expressiveness, team-work
– Project management, event management, entrepreneurship, proactivity, planning and self-organising
– English language and digital skills

Envío de las solicitudes
All interested candidates should send to
– a motivation letter OR a short video of themselves, in which they creatively explain to us why they want to contribute to this EVS and why they are suitable;
– a Europass CV
– contact details (email, telephone, Skype).

Fecha límite: 30 de Septiembre 2017

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