SVE en Lituania (Trakkai)

lituaniaOrganización de acogida: Trakkai Center for Disable People
Organización coordinadora: SALTES
Lugar: Trakkai (Lituania)
Duración: 12 meses
Fecha de inicio: 01.02.2018
Fecha del fin: 31.01.2019
InfoPack: EVS TrakaiCenterForDisablePeople
Vacates: 1

Descripción of the orgaization
The day center for disable people is an establishment in 2001 to provide day social care services for people with mental, intelectual and complex disabilities from 18 years old. Day center is providing care for more then 100 adult people with disabilities.

To provide day social care services for mentally disabled people:
– to develop and maintain their day-to-day life skills;
– to organize leisure time;
– to provide social-cultural services;
– to provide services of personal hygiene and maintenance.
To provide:
• psychological assistance;
• services of health maintenance;
• transport services.

Workshops: making candles, arranging of environment, knitting, painting, textile, computer class, developing social skills and making souvenirs, carpentry. Also theater, sports, out doors activities, excursions, etc.

Tareas del voluntario
– Help in organizing different workshops and events in the center
– Lead various activities for disable people, language clubs for them, movies nights, etc.;
– Introduce the idea of volunteering and one‘s country and culture for centerclients

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