SVE en Lituania

Organización de acogida: Lese Lese
Organización coordinadora: Social Action
Lugar: Vilna, Lituania
Duración: 10 meses
Fecha del inicio: 08/03/2018
Fecha del fin: 01/02/2019
Vacantes: 1
Fecha límite para envíar solicitudes: 04/03/2018



Descripción de la organización:

Back in 2007, the organisation was founded by volunteer’s animal lovers, who started to shelter homeless animals at their homes and advertise them for adoption. In 2008, “Lesė” opened a proper animal shelter and since then has adopted over 6 500 animals.

Organizations goals are:

  • Reducing the number of unwanted pet animals in a humane way;
  • Finding new homes for homeless animals;
  • Promoting the society awareness and stopping cruelty against animals;
  • Establishing an animal shelter meeting EU standards and creating an effective animal rescue system.

Tarea del voluntario:

All activities for every volunteer are focused on non-formal learning, intercultural learning, personal and professional development. The foundation of our organization is our volunteers who keep contributing their ideas, efforts and resources to Lesė.

The volunteering activities:

  1. Various tasks in the shelter: cleaning cages and rooms, feeding animals, providing treatment procedures, walking dogs, cosmetic pets care (washing, haircutting, preparing for photoshoot atc.), participating with other volunteers in events.
  2. Additionally we can offer to help with administrative work: posters, design of leaflets, photographing pets, sharing ads of pets to foreign and national announcement portals, increasing social awareness, searching for potential sponsorship, communication with foreign countries, writing articles to foreign communities in Lithuania, spreading information about animal welfare organisations, responsibilities while volunteering in such organisations, about animal rights in Lithuanian schools.

Perfil del voluntario:

The recruitment of future volunteers we expect to be clear and organised. During several months, data of different candidates will be collected and studied. Responsible staff-members make a list of the best candidates. Then manager of volunteers will have video calls with the best candidates and make a decision.

Basic requirements are:

  • Highly motivated hard- worker

  • Interest in rescue, sheltering and re-homing of animals

  • Respect for people and animals

  • Patience

  • Initiative (willingness to do something, bringing up new ideas)

  • Positive attitude towards the work

  • Ability to withstand smells

As a minimum requirement the volunteer must be self-motivated for the activities carried out at the project, preferably having some previous experience and special interest in the field. It is important to mention that volunteer should not be afraid of dogs or cats and certainly should know if he or she have any allergy to animals.


Impresiones de Ioanna, una voluntaria de Grecia:

         The first day in Lese was a completely shock for me, mostly because I come from the south of Europe and the shelters there are completely different, they don’t have small cages inside but only big cages outside. I felt really bad about the doggies. I was thinking that they are all day in such small cages and that they are not happy. But Later on I discovered that Lese is one of the best shelters Lithuania.

         The volunteers and especially the director and the other worker care so much about these little doggies and kitties that it’s so obvious that these animals are so happy! The dogs go out more times per day than a house dog, the kitties have the best furniture, the best pillows, and the best toys. Most of the volunteers are very responsible and they take great care of them. I mostly work with the cats and I have to say that it’s a very dirty job but it’s also the best job I ever did! You need to work hard every day, but you also have a great feeling when you look at those cat faces. So how the job gets done? There are some rooms with free cats that you have to clean, like cleaning the sand, the furniture from the hair, change food and water and there are also rooms with cages, there you have to change the carton, the sand, the water and the food in every cage. You also have to pet and play with the cats because it’s very important for them. The medicine procedures are also something very important that we do every day. Afterwards we need to clean the rest of the shelter and put the things in order.

         The thing that u need to work in Lese is to be hard worker, responsible and to really love animals! It’s one of the best experiences in my life!!



Impresiones de Paula, una voluntaria de España:

My project started on September. I needed to get used to the new country, new language, new people, new style of life, etc. The first day in the shelter was only to learn our daily tasks. We went with our mentor. She explained us everything very properly and clear. The day after we started to do everything alone, obviously with the support of the rest of the volunteers and mostly Rasa and the Director Vesta. They are very nice people although the language sometime is a barrier, but anyways we are a team and we know how to communicate to each other.

         After some days we knew already how to do everything. I chose to work with the dogs and my colleague with the cats, so now I´m kind of responsible of the dogs, I say “responsible” cause I feel like this, in the good way. Rasa, the real responsible of the dogs trusts a lot in me to take care of them and to show the shelter to the people who are visiting us.

        In our shelter they have a lot of information about the rules, the portions of the food that the animals eat, the procedures, new rules, cautions,… and they also have groups on Gmail or what Sapp to communicate everything, but the problem is that everything is in Lithuanian.

        The thing I miss the most in my work is to know everything about my doggies, their stories and this stuff… the new things that it happens everyday… I want to know everything but sometimes it is hard to them to explain us. Now is my sixth month in Lithuania and I´m an expert in the shelter, I know perfectly my daily tasks.

       The new volunteers should know that is really hard work and routine (the same tasks everyday), and is very important that they love animals. From my opinion and experience this is the best project that I could choose. It´s amazing!! I have the best animals ever, they are awesome and the people around us the same.




¿Cómo solicitar tu plaza?
Para solicitar tu plaza, por favor, envía tu CV y una carta de presentación en inglés  a antes del 4 de marzo. En el asunto de correo pon: SVE en Lituania 79/2018.

Recuerda indicar en la carta la Asociación Cultural Muxelka como tu organización de envío:
Nº Acreditación: 2014-1-ES02-KA110-005640
PIC: 937455337
EVS Database:



Nº ref 79/2018

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