SVE en Atenas, Grecia

Organización de acogida: TRAG Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece

Lugar: ATHENS, Greecesthie-193

Duracion: 9 meses

Inicio: Septiembre 2017

Fecha limite: cuanto antes

Descripción del proyecto

Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (T.R.A.G.) was set up in 1983. Aideen Lewis (was a volunteer in riding schools abroad and she wanted to make Therapeutic Riding famous in Greece when she came in our country). Along with a team of volunteers she organized the first therapeutic riding sessions for kids and adults. In 1992 TRAG obtains its legal presence in this field and started to be framed by specialized scientific personnel. Since the set up of the Association until now, TRAG:-offers therapeutic services to children and adults with disabilities. All these years more than 1000 children and 300 adults have participated in its therapeutic programs.-takes part in various sports events, local, national or international meetings such as Paralympics and Special Olympics. During these events its athletes has won 20 metals.-has launched an educational program in collaboration with “Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten e.V. (DKThR)” giving certification with title “Specialist for psycho-educational therapy with horses”.-contributes to the dissemination of the Equine Assisted Therapy, as trainees have opened their own therapeutic riding centers across Greece after the completion of the educational program.-contributes to the importance of volunteerism. More than 1.500 volunteers helped TRAG offering their services at least 3 hours per week for 10 months annually.TRAG offers its services individually or in group sessions to people from schools, institutions, shelters for disabled and of course individuals coming with family.

Therapeutic riding is the result of team effort between volunteer trainers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physical education teachers, psychologists, social workers and volunteer program assistants. The role of volunteer program assistant is of decisive importance to the success of our objectives. Without volunteer assistants the implementation of our programs would not be possible.


Perfil del voluntario

Any one of us can become a therapeutic riding program assistant; it does not require prior experience or riding skills. All it requires is a sense of purpose, dedication, enthusiasm, team spirit, and love for both humans and animals. It is important that assistants go through training which is provided by TRAG trainers.

A unique and special relationship develops between programme participants and their assistants. Even persons of limited alertness and attention span respond to a smiling, happy face, and grow to interact and bond with their assistant. What a gratifying experience it is to watch a person make progress and open up new horizons, conquering all kinds of disabilities!

¿Cómo solicitar?
If you’re interested in the project, please send your CV and motivation letter to as soon as possible. We will then be in touch! 

Recuerda indicar en la carta de motivación a la Asociación Cultural Muxelka como tu organización de envío:
Nº Acreditación: 2014-1-ES02-KA110-005640
PIC: 937455337
EVS Database:

Nº ref 164/2016

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