SVE en Alemania

Organización de acogida: Lebens(t)räume e.V. Mehrgenerationenhaus Johannesberglebenstraum-logo1
Organización coordinadora: IN VIA Katholischer Verband für Mädchen- und Frauensozialarbeit Aschaffenburg e.V.
Lugar: Johannesberg, Alemania
Duración: 12 meses
Fecha del inicio: 01/09/2018
Fecha del fin: 31/08/2019
Vacantes: 1
Fecha límite para envíar solicitudes: 13/01/2018


Descripción del proyecto

You simply like working with people, no matter what age, origin or nationality they have? You enjoy playing with kids but also like spending time with the elderly? Then the Mehrgenerationenhaus Lebenträume is just the place for you!
The multi-generational house in the small village of Johannesberg (4000 inhabitants) is a meeting place for all generations. It’s open to people of all ages, nationalities and origin. Their motto is “Everybody is welcome!” and the most important principle is „The young help the elderly and vice versa“. It offers low threshold services like flexible child care, help the elderly with their shopping and house work, help refugees and migrants and much much more!
As a European volunteer you get the chance to experience many different fields of work through the wide range of diverse activities and projects the Mehrgenerationenhaus has to offer. You are also invited to initiate your own ideas and projects.

Alojamiento, manutención, transporte etc.

You live in a small furnished flat in the village of Johannesberg. You are provided with a bus pass for travelling to Aschaffenburg, the next larger city (70 000 inhabitants). You get a monthly food allowance and/or eat at the Mehrgenerationenhaus.

Formación durante el proyecto

  • On-Arrival Training
  • Mid-Term Training
  • language course

Perfil del voluntario

 – you have an EVS sending organisation
– you are interested in working with people of all ages, nationalities or origin
– you like living in a very small community
– you have at least some basic knowledge of the German language
– you are curious about Germany and its culture
– you bring in your own ideas into the project and create, plan and execute your own project


Información adicional:

Johannesberg is a small community with just 4000 inhabitants but it has a lot to offer. There are many different events and clubs to choose from. Every summer the „Mühlbergfest“ takes place, a very popular open-air festival for young people. Johannesberg is well connected by local transport to the city of Aschaffenburg. With 70 000 inhabitants it is the next larger city just 8 km away with lots of museums, cinemas and places to go out for young people.


¿Cómo solicitar tu plaza?
Para solicitar tu plaza, por favor, envia tu CV y carta de presentación  a antes del 13 de enero.

Recuerda indicar en la carta de presentación a la Asociación Cultural Muxelka como tu organización de envío:
Nº Acreditación: 2014-1-ES02-KA110-005640
PIC: 937455337
EVS Database:


Nº ref 7/2018

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