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urbanGroup EVS short term

Organización de acogida:
Lugar: Krsko (Eslovenia)
Fecha de inicio: 1.08.2018
Fecha del fin: 05.09.2018
Vacantes: 3
Fecha de límite: 22 de Julio 2018

Descripción del proyecto:
The idea for the project “Urban beat”, was created according to the needs of young people in our local environment, which is seeing a rapid decline of urban culture. Urban culture is the culture of cities. It could be described as a large number of very different people in a very limited space where most of them don’t know each other. This creates a space where there is a possibility to build a wide range of subcultures that are close and exposed to each other, but are not necessarily connected. In our local environment there has been a steep decline in the integration of these cultures, which leads in lack of space for the expression of these subcultures.

As a youth centre, we are able to extend our reach to different
people from different subcultures, bring them together and offer
them a space where they can truly express themselves.
Our goal is to bring together young people who are members of
unorganized youth and create different urban activities such as
creating an outdoor space for acoustic concerts, exhibitions, a
skate park and an all around hanging out place. For the cherry on
top we will be organising a two day urban festival, called the
Genereator Festival (31st August and 1st September) with tons of
activities for everyone. To name just a few: skate session/contest,
graffiti painting, food fair, local NGO presentations and music
concerts and much more. And just for that. . . we need your help

A quién buscamos?
We are looknig for 15 participants, from 5 different
organisations (3 participants per organisation) who are:
– aged between 18 – 30,
– motivated to help creating the
– have an interest in URBAN CULTURE, MULTIMEDIA, MUSIC,
DIY projects

Métodos de trabajo:
We will split you into small groups and each group will be responsable for different activitie. You ‘ll also need to prepare some activities for youngsters who are in staying in the Radeče Reform home. You will be responsible for one acpect of the festival (music, stage preparation, multimedia, graffiti…). You will be a part of the whole process and contribue your ideas to make the activities and the festival even better.

On arrival training
creating an outdoor space for acoustic
concerts, art exhibitions, hanging
around place( stage, decor, chairs,
working weekend with youngsters
from reform school
skate park
organising an escape room
Festival Generator / help with

You will be staying in the new youth hostel located inside
the youth centre (aprox. 4 people in 1 room, furnished, 2
bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room , air conditioned).
The first week you’ll have an on arrival training in
Brestanica and then you’ll come to our Youth centre

Manutención y pocket money
You will receive a monthly deposit for food, which will be
determined in the activity agreement, along with pocket
money, which comes to about 255 eur per month.

Más info práctica
You will also have a laundry room, drying room, some bicycles,
wi-fi at your disposal. Social security in a form of partner rights
and obligations will be determined and provided in the
internal agreement between partners and volunteers, where
we will define accommodation, insurance, amount of food
costs, pocket money, working hours, weekly schedules,
holidays (2 days/month) … You will be provided with all the
necessary support before leaving for EVS (before departure
training, generally about EVS, Youthpass, Europass, logistical
issues, …) Upon arrival you will attend an on arrival training
that will be organised by our org., where we will get to know
each other and the EVS program in general. You have the
right to a mentor, this will be volunteers who have experience
with EVS and they will individually meet with the EVS
volunteers, they will introduce you into life in a new
environment, help you build a social network… You will take
part in a weekly Slovenian language course (1,5/week).
As the Youth centre Krško is located in the very center of
Krško, the local activities can be reached by foot or bicycle. For
the remote activities public transport will be used (paid by the
hosting org.). Infrastructure and equipment for the
implementation of activities will be provided by the host

¿Cómo solicitar?
Envía tu CV+ carta de motivación en inglés a

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