Short term SVE en Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Organización de acogida: MKC Slovenj GradeŠpajz

Lugar: Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
Inicio: 24 de Junio 2017 hasta 24 de Julio 2017

Duracion: 1 mes

Fecha limite: 29 de Mayo

Vacantes: 1

Descripción del proyecto

MforM descriptio – Infopack

MKC Slovenj Grade ( has a long history of working on youth projects on local and international level, aiming to promote intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. Many of these projects have included various forms of cultural expressions (art, dance, music, sport) as a means of reaching young people. Every summer we participate in a local events for children where we organize workshops with the children on for example percussions, traditional and contemporary dance, calligraphy and various arts and crafts. We also use sport and music in several of our international training courses which we organize throughout the year.

Our staff has a long experience of working on intercultural youth projects, some of them up to 10 years of experience. They have participated in several trainers’ training programmes (Salto, Council of Europe …) and are highly experienced when it comes to planning, carrying out and evaluating highly successful non-formal education projects. We will prepare the volunteers by briefing them on the topic of the project and what is expected of them.

vironment. The event will promote our own scene and make it possible to put ourselves on the map of not only Slovenian, but – throught the help of volunteer and partner organisations – also European culture. The EVS project is designed to be equally useful for everyone involved.




The EVS volunteers that we will host in the framework of the MforM project belong to a vulnerable group of young unemployed musicians and also to the youth with fewer opportunities.

Within the youth organisation, local associations and schools, they will learn about the work of themusician, how to work with the youth, gain self-confidence and independence. In the youth centre, music school and concert area of the MaD youth association they will learn all key phases of the work of the musician, which spans from music creation to working with other musicians in a music group (other volunteers and local musicians), producing and promoting a musical product and organising a musical event, which will bring a multicultural beat into the local youth and music scene.

The volunteers will take part in an extra-curricular programme in high schools, where they will present their instruments and music. They will also perform at a preparatory concert before the main concert, which will be organised in the working group. They will spend much time thinking indeoendently, express themselves, play instruments, practice individually and collectively. During the work itself they will collect information and knowledge from the instructors – both young and also more experienced musicians from the local environment of the host organisation.

All activities will take place under the mentorship and coordination by the MKC Slovenj Gradec and the Mad association, who will offer the volunteers all the support they need for their tasks and help meet their needs during their stay in Slovenia.



The volunteers will bring in a new musical style and new culture from their environment. The event will promote our own scene and make it possible to put ourselves on the map of not only Slovenian, but – throught the help of volunteer and partner organisations – also European culture. The EVS project is designed to be equally useful for everyone involved.

Perfil del voluntario

We are looking for young people with less oportunities (musicians) who would like to work and gain experience as musicians (15-29 years old).  It`s welcome that volunteers have passion for music, culture, team work no matter how skilled and experienced they are.

¿Cómo solicitar?
If you’re interested in the project, please send your CV and a Motivational Letter  to until 29th of May. We will then be in touch! 

Recuerda indicar en la carta de motivación a la Asociación Cultural Muxelka como tu organización de envío:
Nº Acreditación: 2014-1-ES02-KA110-005640
PIC: 937455337
EVS Database:

Nº ref 164/2016

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