Small victories

This week has been a positive one for me. At the beginning of the month Anastazja told the Muxelka volunteers we would be giving a presentation to 60 bachillerato students from IES Elviña …En español! The thought of this presentation filled me with complete dread! Some fear spiders, others fear small spaces or even clowns- for me it’s the fear of public speaking – glossophobia (it’s a real thing!) – I absolutely hate giving presentations in English let alone in a foreign tongue!
Alas, this was something I could not avoid. I wrote my speech in English and my lovely compañeras helped me to translate into Spanish. Now to practice. Ana sent me voice notes on Whatsapp to perfect my accent. Buena gente! <3 <3

The day comes and all of us give a great presentation. For me, although it was not word perfect I felt a sense of achievement once it was done. The presentation was received well by the bachillerato students.

Another aspect of my work is to assist in the classroom across the curriculum. In particular, I get to work more closely with the disengaged students to support their learning. For the past few weeks I have worked with a student who struggles with English. After a few lessons working closely with her she begun to show an interest and now greets me with ‘‘hello – how are you?’’ in the corridors. It’s great to see a positive transformation in the young people I work with. Hopefully I can make a small difference through my EVS project.

Gina 

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