Intercambio en Turquía (2-9 de Octubre)

Intercambio Juvenil en Turquía

Breaking Walls – Opening European Windows               BANNER OF OUR PROJECT                     

Donde: Muğla, Turquía
Cuando: 2-9 Octubre
¿Quién? 4 participantes + líder de grupo
Edad: 17-28,  el líder sin límite de edad
Idioma: inglés
Participacion fee: €15
Aplicación: CV a:
Deadline: 31 de Agosto

Resumen del proyecto
40 participants will join to our project from England, Spain, Slovakia,
Sweden Poland, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Turkey. Our activities will
take place between 2-9 october in Muğla. If our Project is approved, half of
the participants will be chosen through our activities and other half will be
people who works within our partners regularly about youth fields and
volunteers. Participants must be who have never come in Turkey before.

Our Project is a kind of youth Project which brings closer youth people
who are citizens of European Union countries and candidate countries for
European Union. If we make a general explanation regarding the matter of
our Project, participants will be informed by common methods of learning
related European Union’s structure and functioning which also includes
cultural richness that has been provided by Union’s multicultural societies
structure’s. Our purpose of the beginning to organize an event related to
European Union candidation process for informing youth participants about
European Union in the most correct way. Our Project proves how our county
has been integrated with European Union and importance given to European
Union in our country. Also we would like to eliminate prejudices on European
Union and raising awareness about European Union. Another object of our
Project is to be made youth participants think about 2020 European Union
objectives and beefing European Union’s Corporation structure up with
youth participant’s creative ideas that will be combined with their
expectations about the future.

We would like to contribute to youth participants about expressing their
own opinions and thoughts and create awareness on them refer to the
importance of having more say in democratic platforms. Another goal of our
Project is to provide youth participants who lives in member of European
Union countries chance for cultural transmission.

We plan to create a web page includes news for youth interests and
carry this page till 2020. We would like to encourage youth institutions about
working more on European Union’s structure and swell the ranks youth make
benefit of Erasmus + program.

Pefril del participante
Every group consists of 4 participants between 17 – 28 years
and 1 group leader (there is not age limit for group leader)
Requirements for the selection of participants:

  • To respect gender equality and gender distribution;
  • You must bring at least 2 participants with fewer opportunities
    (economical obstacles, minorities, geographical obstacles)

Please, after the selection of the participants, send us the filled information form
about the participants, which will be sent by us. If you need more advice/support in the process of selection of the participants, you can contact us and, as soon as possible, we will reply and we will find a common agreement.

The accommodation, meals and activities costs will be free of charge, supported by the host organization through the Erasmus+ grant from European Commission.
Related to the travel grant, according to Erasmus+ Program Guide, we will reimburse
the travel cost/person, following the Erasmus+ grant scheme:

  • Spain – 360 EURO
  • Sweden – 360 EURO
  • Slovakia– 275 EURO
  • Macedonia– 275 EURO
  • United Kingdom – 360 EURO
  • Poland – 360 EURO
  • Czech Republic – 275 EURO

We recommend you to search for the most cost-efficient transport way (by train, bus, car, etc.) being given the distances in some cases. !Make sure that you keep the invoices, boarding passes and other documents mandatory for the reimbursement! For advice and recommendations, please contact us.

How I can come to MUĞLA?
There are direct flights to Muğla Dalaman airport from Istanbul.
You should take your first flight to Istanbul and then you can look
for plans for this airport. Please ask us for specific trip plan for you.
We will also organize bus trip from Istanbul till project Hotel
Our fliight companies:

  • Turkish airlines:
  • Pegasus airlines:
  • Atlas Jet:
  • Sunexpress:
  • Onur Air:

Our project hotel will be Hotel Bluepalace Marmaris.
Hotel link:

For more information related to the process or necessary documents that
have to be provided in support by the organizer, please contact us.

Si estás interesad@, por favor, envía tu CV a hasta el 31 de Agosto.

Todos los participantes del intercambio deberían ser socios de Muxelka (se puede suscribir después de ser seleccionado/a).

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