Training Course en Cagliari, Sardinia

empowering-youthTitulo del proyecto: Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled
Lugar: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Fechas: 02-08 de Junio 2017
Participants fee: 15€
Fecha límite: 19/05

Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled
“Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled” is a mobility project that will take place in Cagliari, Italy (2nd-8th of June 2017). It will bring together 28 participants from EU countries and in particular from: Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Uk and Italy. The main purpose of this project is oriented to face the main hurdles that impede employability and education to youth disabled and implement activities according with the European policy framework, that provide equality of opportunity to all citi-zens.Within this context, Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled (EOYD) wants to find a way to remove bar-riers to inclusion, sensibilize mainstream actions and implement project ideas addressed to boost employability and education for young people afflicted with disabilities.

The project wants to support youth workers and offer them theoretical and practical tools to work with and use when training young people.
Therefore, the main objectives of the project are following:
-to promote cooperation in the youth field to create better opportunities for inclusion of disabled youth;
-to promote a better understanding of the added value that diversity can bring to our societies;
-to create actions to help our societies to face the economic crises with fresh entrepreneurial ideas;
-to build up partnerships for projects that help disable youth to acquire competences for entering the labour mar-ket;
-to use the Erasmus Plus programme as a tool to support personal and professional development of young di-sabled;
-to get to know best practices to improve social inclusion and recognition of different abilities ;
-to promote intercultural learning and diversity.


The methodology and type of activities will be mainly related to non formal education, coaching, selfexpression, simulation games, peer to peer, learning by doing and experimental learning.
The important part is that participants are creating the outcome by themselves through their participation and involvement.
The activities foresee during the Contact Making Event are based on no formal education and attempts to share best practices between youth workers and create new partnership according to the project objects.
Sobre la organización coordinadora
Associazione ABìCì is an association founded in 2010 to support young people with fewer opportunities to im-prove their abilities, promote a environmental awarness and involve young people afflicted with mental ill-ness in recreactional activities.
The main purposes of our association are:
-to promote environmental, cultural sustainability;
-to sensitize local community about supporting people afflicted with mental illness and involve them in re-creational activities;
-to train individuals through civic and professional education concerning mental illness;
-to train and develop manual and intellectual skills of young people with fewer opportunities;
ABìCì has 12 members, mostly are less than 35 years old. In our organisation collaborate young general practitioner, journalists, creatives.
ABìCì might be defined as young, dynamic, creative as the way we develop our local projects. Our organisa-tion use to cooperate with other local organizations (local public body, no profit associations, Universities), making network and spreading the philosophy of wellness and healthful way of life.
Our main field is medical education through awareness and recreational activities, with the aim to support young people afflicted with mental illness and promote a healthy kind of lifestyles that are disappearing in our local community.
Pefril de los participantes
English level ( at least Medium level speaking and writing);
Youth workers;
Committed to contribute to the follow up of the project;
Gender Balance have to be followed as much as possible (1 Male and 1 Female participant per country);
People who are able to build new partnerships and coopera-tion for future projects within Erasmus+ and others programmes in the field of youth with disabilities;
People who are interested and committed to apply and deve-lop new projects in view of the next Erasmus+ deadline (october 2017 and january 2018);
Be interested in developing competences and implement follow-up initiatives;
Be aware of the characteristics of the learning environment (non-formal education);
Work regularly on the youth field;
Some priority will be given to youth belonging from minority groups or facing economic difficulties, coming from rural areas or with other disadvantaged backgrounds.

Fecha límite:
12th of May 2017

Proceso de selección:
Participants will be selected in cooperation between sending and coordinating organisation.
All participants before the approval have to download, fill and submit the application form provided by our association.

Please send us your CV at this email address

Partners, participants & travel budget
Each participant will receive his/her reimbursement after the presentation of travel documents (boarding passes, invoices and tickets and filling of the official mobility tool report that each participant will receive at the end of the project). Travel coststs of Spanish participants will be covered up to 275 eur limit.
We will send only one bank transfert per Country . The recipient of the reimbursement is the partner association , not the participants according to the Italian National Agency rules.
NOTICE: To find out more about the reimbursement rules go directly to page n° 79 of the official guide of Erasmus+.
Do NOT buy any ticket without our confirmation or permission, before to buy the tickets you should always address to us and send us travel plan of the participant and ONLY after our authorization you can proceed.
Travel reimbursement procedure:
Hostel Marina Cagliari
Here the link of the hostel will host the participants in the heart of Cagliari
You’ll be accommodated in double or triple room quadruple;
Hostel provide towels and breakfast;
In rooms you will be divided by gender;
When you will arrive we will have some volunteers which will welcome you in the bus or train station;
Hostel have Wi-Fi plus in the area are many bars, café and restaurants with free Wi-Fi;
Board provided : 3 meals (italian breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 coffee break per day;
Hostel Marina is located in Scalette San Sepolcro .
Here a video which explain how to get to the Hostel Marina
You can find out more about the location on Google Maps at this url
Preparation before training
Since one of the objectives of the training is to create networking and also to develop an image of the situations in other countries you will have to prepare:
1. Research, collection and preparation of data about European Union opportunities for inclusion of young people with disabilities and especially about Erasmus+ and other programs where youngsters can be involved and prove their different abilities;
– research regarding the national and regional regulatory framework linked to the opportunities and hardship related to the inclusion of young people afflicted with disabilities;
– research about the best practices/activities implemented to promote inclusion for young people with disabilities in the field of education and employability opportunities in their respective country.
2. A presentation of your NGO (all promotional materials are more than welcome , brochures, leaflet, stickers, booklet, etc.).
3. A presentation for the intercultural evening (traditional food, music, dances, close, games, pictures
What to bring
The average temperature during summer in Cagliari is hot. In june usually the average max is 27C° and the min 16 C°. So, we suggest you to bring fresh clothes and sun cream to avoid burns.
Bring also your swim suite it could be possible you’ll have time to have a swim.
We suggest you also to bring two laptops per country that will be useful for some activities in order to develop materials as outcomes of the project and work in group.
Dissemination plan
Each partner and all the participants will have to follow the foreseen activities:
1) nominate one person responsible for the dissemination that will be in touch with us. It will facilitate the work and allow a better coordination of the activities;
2) make a list of relevant stakeholders that could be interested in our project and its results and that will facili-tate the dissemination at each local level (for example: other youth NGOs, specific faculties, specific training schools, specific departments/agencies of each regional/national government, the National Agency, networks of youth organizations…);
3) create an appropriate space on the webpage of the organization that will contain information about the pro-ject and its evolution, news and outcomes produced;
4) Meeting with local authorities and other local NGOs;
5) Shooting about the Contact Making Event;
7) News about the project and shared (facebook & websites) by all the partners involved;
8) Organize a meeting with local policy makers, health public bodies, trade associations and media in cooperation with the participants;
9) Make a selection of photos taken during the whole project and during the multiplier events to be after all uploaded on the facebook page of the project and on the dedicated pages of the partners webpages.
All participants have to be actively involved during the development and implementation of the follow up and dissemination activities.
During the project all participants and partner organisations have to use the hastag #evenhanded17 to facilitate the project promotion on the social network. Please keep in mind this hastag while sharing in-formations, pictures, during the dissemination activities etc. related to the project.
How to reach Cagliari
The closest airport to our venue is the airport of Cagliari-Elmas
You can reach Cagliari flying with one of the low cost companies that serve the island (Easy Jet or Rayanair) or with the national companies such as Lufthansa or Alitalia. We suggest you to visit the following websites to find the best option:
From the airport Cagliari- Elmas there are 2 ways to come to the city
centre. By train which is the cheapest or by taxi
Train time schedule:
Train: 1, 25 €; Taxi: 15-20€
Please use the taxi just in case you do not have another option. We reimburse taxi expenses just in case of emergencies in which the flight landed too late and public transport is not working.
Being Sardinia an island, the best way to reach us is by plane 
All the training will be done through the methods of non-formal education. The activities will be for example brain storming’s, plenary discussions, simulations, role plays, team building, energizers, ice breakers and many others. Non formal education we remember you that is voluntary, no hierarchical and all its methods are based on the concept of learning by doing.
We suggest you to bring with you the European Sanitary Card in order to be safe in case of emergency. Concerning the non EU countries, we suggest you to buy an insurance for travel. The INSURANCE IS MANDATORY and is nonrefundable .

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