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Home, sweet home! I know it’s not a mountain, but still a hike to the top was the nicest outdoors activity that I’ve done so far. Some parts even reminded me of some Croatian mountains, but I really loved the rocks, which are quite different from white carst in Croatia.


collage-2016-12-15 (1)

The shapes of the rocks were quite interesting, but as we got to the top we could see THE END OF THE WORLD, or Finisterre, as before the discovery of  ‘the new continents’ this spot was considered to be the westernest point of the Iberian peninsula. It took us 2 and a half hours, but we were really slow, as we were taking so many photos, and trying to seize every moment.


It was quite easy to go back down to our starting point, village O Pindo, after which we went to see the 40 metres high Ézaro waterfall of the Xallas river, the only one in all of Europe that delivers its water directly into the sea.





Other than exploring Galician nature, being volunteers has its perks when it comes to attending some meetings of local associations, especially when these happen to be in beautiful towns such as Braga. A Russian, a Croatian and a Galician girl together with a Galician guy representing Muxelka Association at EMAX on a nice sunny weekend in Braga. IMG_7862


Other than eating A LOT of Portuguese food, we got a chance to meet people from other Galician and Portuguese associations, and as the main language there was Portuguese, we had our fun talking Spanish-Galician-English version of Portuguese. There were some interactive workshops that we participated in, but we also got to see the town. What I really loved was the Christmas spirit already visible in the streets of Braga, with decorations and Christmas music coming from the speakers.image-12-12-16-17-13

collage-2016-12-15 (2)


Since this is the last post of this year, I would like to wish Sretan Božić to everyone!! :)


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