Gran Canaria: The Miniature Continent



It is really nice when you meet volunteers who live in the other parts of Spain, especially when you can get to those places really cheap. I was lucky to meet a German girl Lynn who stayed in Las Palmas, and since I found a really cheap flight, I decided to go there.

Las Palmas is actually the place where locals live and work, it is touristy, but not too much. I liked the city, even though it hasn’t got much history to offer, but at least it’s got some nice beaches and, of course, food.

Playa de Las Canteras

Playa de Las Canteras


On the way to La Isleta


Gofio escaldado


Mojo con papas




























I was surprised to know that there were so many hiking routes on such a small island, and they are kept quiet well. The only problem is that you cannot reach most of them by public transport, so car is a necessity on this island. Unfortunately, Lynn didn’t have much time, because she had to work, but Couchsurfing can be quite helpful when you’re travelling alone. I met a local guy, Ramses, who also wanted to do  little bit of hiking, so first we did a 3-hour tour, and later he took me to all ‘must see’ places of the island.

BeFunky Collage


I was disappointed that you can reach the peak by car, but at least this way I could see more things.



El chorizo de Teror

El chorizo de Teror










Pico de las Nieves

Pico de las Nieves

Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo


The view from Roque Nublo













Bonitos de España – Tejeda


Marzapán de Tejeda

















It was time to explore the south of the island. I heard that it was too touristy, but still, I had to see the dunes. So I took the bus to Masplomas, and got off at the lighthouse, where is the beginning of the beach with the dunes. I was actually pretty amazed by the scenery, it looked like I was in Sahara all of the sudden (not that I’ve ever been there) which is of no surprise when you look at how close it is to the African continent.


The first thing I saw as I got off the bus…


Definitively worth the visit!


My Couchsurfing friend recommended me to go to Agaete, a small village on the nortwest point of the island. The village is nice, but the reason why he sent me there were the natural pools. Unlike sandy beaches in the south and in Las Palmas, here everything is covered in black volcanic colour. I couldn’t resist to take a swim in the pool, and my first swim (without the wetsuit) of the year was chilly, but still amazing.




All is dark…



Natural pools





















I knew that there was a reason why this island is so popular, and I managed to find so many reasons. I want to go there again, and do some more exploring and hiking.  And having fun and dancing at a good concert.


Los Vinagres from La Palma

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