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Muxelka – a new EVS accredited organization

We are pleased to inform that Asociación Cultural Muxelka has an European Accreditation for European Voluntary Service Projects
within Erasmus + Programme.

*** Thereby Muxelka is entitled to host, send and coordinate EVS Projects ***

About European Voluntary Service in Muxelka:


Muxelka Cultural Association is located in A Coruña, a city of about 250,000 habitants in the north-west Spain.
A Coruña:
– is the most dynamic city in Galicia.
– is actually a well-developed economic city is the financial heart of Galicia.
– there is the Tower of Hercules, the only Roman lighthouse still active in the world in 2012 and named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
– has numerous civic centers, different youth information points, three hospitals, an oncology, many health centers and primary care. Under the cultural community can have three theaters, a convention center, an exhibition center and 4 newly created Sports Center, in addition to host competitions of various sports teams are the headquarters timely musical and cultural manifestations.
–  has its own airport and connected to the main Spanish cities and some foreign, and is far 60 km from Santiago de Compostela (holy city and end of the Santiago road), which is the capital of the autonomous community of Galicia.

All activities foreseen in the project are prepared to provide a service to young people aged 18-35 years who are the recipient of all the projects prepared by Muxelka. Many of them are unemployed and desperately looking for a chance to gain an experience outside of Spain using European mobility actions or educational activities in their own town, to let them increase their competitiveness in the labor market (language courses, international trainings, participation in meetings with people from other countries in Coruña etc). The ability to offer to young, unemployed new tools for education and non-formal learning in Europe, outside the traditional formal education systems, represents an opportunity to encourage young people’s sense of a United European, eliminating harmful barriers and promoting the values of multiculturalism, mutual respect and solidarity and promote tolerance among young people.


– Support of the planning, implementation of projects of european mobility for all youth and events organized by Muxelka (info days,meetings,competitions etc.);
– Support of communication in youth información(with partners/participants)
– Conducting awareness activities, discussions groups (cinema,literature,music,art,tourism,social life)
– Support of carrying out of activities related to european mobility, A Coruña and its attractions (production of prospectuses, multimedia to be published online on the website, and to be co-released by partners or media);
– Update the website of Muxelka&social media; -Support of language classes;
– Carrying out a personal project which topic depending on his/her interests;

The detailed plan of activities for the projects will be prepared by Muxelka in collaboration with sending organization and the volunteer, analyzing European mobility needs, strengths and weaknesses.The work day will take between 30 and 35 hours per week, 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, according to the number of tasks to be performed. The volunteer can take two days off/week followed and 2 days off/month.
EVS experience allows to acquire knowledge and skills stimulating personal development. The integration of the volunteers into the local community through a non-formal learning as participation in meetings, parties, seminars, allows a continuous exchange of experiences. They will have an opportunity to improve: a new language through contact with the locals, their self-confidence and the ability to work in a group and take the initiative.
The recognition of the experiences gained in the context of mobility is an essential aspect of our project. Participation in the EVS provides young people with new knowledge, skills and competencies that contribute to their personal, professional and educational development. We are going to achieve it through YOUTHPASS, issued to each participant having completed their EVS experience.
During the project the voluntary will receive general trainings concerning:
– Interpersonal communication and relationships;
– Team spirit;
– Youth information;
– Conflict resolution;
– The EU;
– Project management;
– Erasmus +

Volunteer´s profile:

According to the activities of the association and our experience, the profile of a volunteer we would like to host is the following:
– Open to learn and share knowledge;
– Determined and motivated to participate in a project and spend a few months abroad;
– Flexible and patient, to start his/her stay in Spain with illusion and be able to deal with all possible problems related to mobility;
– Interested in areas of project activities that has been accepted;
– Open to intercultural learning;
– Young people with fewer opportunities will be given priority.
Volunteers in their EVS hosting organization will be in direct contact with their tutor and organization Staff and their tasks require the same characteristics that define the role of the Volunteer in the Assembly of the Association Muxelka (independence, flexibility, skills). The volunteer will be selected to ensure consistency between the expectations of the participant and the proposed activities. The volunteer never will substitute the emploee in the Association. She/He will have another tasks supporting all actiivties of the organziation. The volunteerr will always be free to express themselves and make their own opinion and iniciative throughout the project. To ensure open and transparent process of selection will be made public through the website Muxelka (www.muxelka.org) and hosting organization.
In addition we will also advertise on social media groups + Erasmus program. All interested youth will have equal access.

Practical info:

The Volunteer s is going to have a fully equipped apartment with single rooms, near the headquarters of coordination, close to downtown and all the necessary basic services (including public transport), taking into account their interest and age, and ensuring a safe and acceptable conditions of life.
Each volunteers receive a monthly pocket money and a daily maintenance according to the financial provisions of the Erasmus+.
The financial support supports also holidays and free days.

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