European Youth Event (EYE)


From 20 to 21 May 2016 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France)will be next edition of European Youth Event.  This is event for  young Europens which give them opportunity to debate,  exchange ideas and perspectives on youth-related issues, meet with European decision-makers and speakers with a wide range of professional experience. Main motto of this […]

“From clicktivism to activism”: My Cypriot connection


Time flies as they say and it’s already been a month since my experience took place. It was on September 28th evening when I arrived in Cyprus after three flights in a row (yep, that happened). It wasn’t my first time there, oddly enough I’ve lived in Cyprus for six months during my Erasmus exchange. […]

On-Arival Training in Cantabria: A Crash Course into Be...


Like I told before, I am a happy participant of EVS, the greatest program you could ever find for people who hope to get some job experience abroad. And as part of that program I took part in one of the three trainings the programm offers to make sure you got your tasks and possibilities […]

Do we really need spend a lot of money to learn a forei...


Do we really need spend a lot of money for learn a foreign languages?   I was inspired to write this article by another article „Top 10 Excuses We Like to Give for NOT Learning a Language” and precisely point number 6 “Finances. It’s really expensive to learn a language. I can’t afford that private tutor! […]

Guía del programa Erasmus+ para 2016


Publicada la Guía del programa Erasmus+ para 2016 Ya está disponible la Guía del programa Erasmus+ para 2016, en inglés. En ella puedes conocer las oportunidades de financiación que la Unión Europea ofrece para llevar a cabo proyectos relacionados con la educación, la formación, la juventud y el deporte. En el capítulo de juventud brinda […]

Teaching English, Learning Spanish, Missing Russian. Im...


I applied for this project myself and read carefully the description so I knew what my tasks would be: to promote youth activities, do the office work and most importantly and primarily – teach English. Furthermore, I knew that English proficiency in Spain is yet to be improved so I didn’t expect any fluent English […]

Una vacante SVE en Ucrania!

Una vacante SVE en Ucrania!

Voluntariado Europeo en Ucrania   Organización: Development center “Pangeya Ultima”  ¿Dónde?: Vinnytsia, Ucrania ¿Cuándo?: 1 Abril – 30 Noviembre 2016 ¿Para quién? Jóvenes entre 18-30 años, motivados para participar en un proyecto relacionado con arte, cultura, idiomas y desarrollo sostenible. ¿Cómo apuntarse?: Envía tu CV y una corta carta motivacional a Fecha límite: 30.11.2015 El proyecto […]

Bilingualism and multilingualism


Firstly I would like present two important  definition. Multilingualism according to European Commission this is the ability of societies, institutions, groups and individuals to engage, on a regular basis, with more than one language in their day-to-day lives. Bilingual person is ​able to use two ​languages ​equally well, or (of a thing) using or ​involving […]

S is for Sun and Spanish


It’s been two weeks since I’ve been in A Coruna. Time goes by really quickly. For the time being, the weather here is formidable in comparison to that in Poland. There – hat, scarf, winter jacket, here – sandals! Okay maybe not everyday, but still it’s wonderful. From the beginning of my stay here I’ve […]

How to learn languages?


I would like to present very important tips and rules for learning languages. 1. Regularity Regularity is important for a lot of things in our daily life, also is participial when we decided learn language. Do short but regular sessions. Better is spend 30 minutes everyday for learning than 3-4 hours one time per week. […]

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