On-Arival Training in Cantabria: A Crash Course into Be...


Like I told before, I am a happy participant of EVS, the greatest program you could ever find for people who hope to get some job experience abroad. And as part of that program I took part in one of the three trainings the programm offers to make sure you got your tasks and possibilities […]

Do we really need spend a lot of money to learn a forei...


Do we really need spend a lot of money for learn a foreign languages?   I was inspired to write this article by another article „Top 10 Excuses We Like to Give for NOT Learning a Language” and precisely point number 6 “Finances. It’s really expensive to learn a language. I can’t afford that private tutor! […]

Guía del programa Erasmus+ para 2016


Publicada la Guía del programa Erasmus+ para 2016 Ya está disponible la Guía del programa Erasmus+ para 2016, en inglés. En ella puedes conocer las oportunidades de financiación que la Unión Europea ofrece para llevar a cabo proyectos relacionados con la educación, la formación, la juventud y el deporte. En el capítulo de juventud brinda […]

Teaching English, Learning Spanish, Missing Russian. Im...


I applied for this project myself and read carefully the description so I knew what my tasks would be: to promote youth activities, do the office work and most importantly and primarily – teach English. Furthermore, I knew that English proficiency in Spain is yet to be improved so I didn’t expect any fluent English […]

Una vacante SVE en Ucrania!

Una vacante SVE en Ucrania!

Voluntariado Europeo en Ucrania   Organización: Development center “Pangeya Ultima”  ¿Dónde?: Vinnytsia, Ucrania ¿Cuándo?: 1 Abril – 30 Noviembre 2016 ¿Para quién? Jóvenes entre 18-30 años, motivados para participar en un proyecto relacionado con arte, cultura, idiomas y desarrollo sostenible. ¿Cómo apuntarse?: Envía tu CV y una corta carta motivacional a info@muxelka.org Fecha límite: 30.11.2015 El proyecto […]

Bilingualism and multilingualism


Firstly I would like present two important  definition. Multilingualism according to European Commission this is the ability of societies, institutions, groups and individuals to engage, on a regular basis, with more than one language in their day-to-day lives. Bilingual person is ​able to use two ​languages ​equally well, or (of a thing) using or ​involving […]

S is for Sun and Spanish


It’s been two weeks since I’ve been in A Coruna. Time goes by really quickly. For the time being, the weather here is formidable in comparison to that in Poland. There – hat, scarf, winter jacket, here – sandals! Okay maybe not everyday, but still it’s wonderful. From the beginning of my stay here I’ve […]

How to learn languages?


I would like to present very important tips and rules for learning languages. 1. Regularity Regularity is important for a lot of things in our daily life, also is participial when we decided learn language. Do short but regular sessions. Better is spend 30 minutes everyday for learning than 3-4 hours one time per week. […]

My first steps


Hi, my name is Izabela. I’m 29 and since October I live in A Coruna. This isn’t my first visit in this Galician city. I’m here for the third time, but apart from the city everything is new for me. A Coruna lies in Spain’s northern side. It’s not so hot in here. In winter […]

A Trip to the Edge of the World


As wierd as it might sound to most young people in Europe, I am 24, I am from Europe and I have never travelled abroad. Until now…   See, my story is nothing but a constant procrastination. I come from Ukraine, and while it’s true that it’s somewhat more difficult for us to get a […]

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