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SVE en Noruega


Passionate about traveling and social media? Want to contribute to the UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism 2017? Organización de acogida: Hostelling International Norway Lugar: Oslo, Bergen, Norway Inicio: 1 de Junio 2017 Duración: 12 meses Fecha límite: 9/01/2017 Descripción del proyecto INFOPACK: The EVS volunteers will be responsible for our “Sustainable Travel and Hostel […]

SVE en Riga, Letonia


Spend a year in Latvia creating and developing outdoor role-play games! Organización de acogida: Piedzīvojuma Gars Lugar: Riga. Latvia Fechas: 01/08/2017 – 31/07/2018 Vacantes: 1 Fecha límite: 25/12/2016 Descripción del proyecto INFOPACK: Master the Game We may think we’re pretty smart, butin fact we have very little notion of how humans learn.Kids know: They play games. Until,thatis,they […]

SVE en Amsterdam, Holanda

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland

Help to create new home for migrants in Amsterdam! Organización de acogida: Wereldhuis Lugar: Amsterdam, Netherlands Inicio:1 volunteer from 1 September 2017-31 Augustus 2018 and 1 volunteer from 1 November 2017 until 31 Oktober 2018 Vacantes: 2 Fecha límite: 14/03/2017 Descripción del proyecto INFOPACK: The worldhouse is a community center for information, counseling, education and […]

SVE en Brno, the Czech Republic


Help volunteering for environmental education programmes for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools! Organización de acogida: School facility Lipka Lugar: Brno, the Czech Republic. Start: 1.10.2017 End: 30.9.2018 Vacantes: 1 Fecha límite:3th of December 2016 Descripción del proyecto INFOPACK: Facility Lipová is the oldest facility of Lipka. The key focuses of the facility are environmental education programmes […]

SVE en Le Mans, Francia


Promote your European country and the values of Europe among children and young people from France! Organización de acogida: Maison de l’Europe Le Mans-Sarthe Lugar:  Le Mans, France Duracion: 1st September 2017- 31th July 2018 Vacantes: 1 Descripción del proyecto INFOPACK:The HoE presentation The House of Europe Le Mans – Sarthe aims at promoting an active European […]

SVE en Cornwall, UK


Help to protect primates  volunteerig in The Monkey Sanctuary! Organización de acogida: Wild Futures Lugar: Cornwall, UK Duración: from 6 months to 12 months Inicio: either January 2017 or April 2017 Fin: December 2017 Vacantes: 1 Fecha límite:4th of December 2016 Descripción del proyecto INFOPACK:EVS Enquiry information Volunteers have the opportunity to focus on a specific area […]

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