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Blue tiles, blue skies, blue music. Porto-Lisbon-Faro-O...


I wonder how long it’ll take me to get over this sweet Portuguese melancholy printed in pattterns on their signature tiles and weaved into their sorrowful fado melodies. I wonder why Portugal brings a bit more colorful recollection than Spain when I look back on the recent trip that I had. Maybe it is because […]

Noche de Iván Kupala


¡Feliz San Juan a todos! ¿Sabíais que Ucrania tiene su propio San Juan? Se llama la Noche de Iván Kupala y es una fiesta parecida a San Juan pero con sus peculiaridades. La noche de Ivan Kupala se celebra en Ucrania el 7 de julio según el calendario gregoriano, antes lo celebraron el 24 de junio según […]

Last Preparations


My great vacation is getting closer and closer so I am anxious to get many things finnished. I am saying goodbyes to my English class students. I’m gonna miss these girls so much! I bought new comfortable shoes cause there’s gonna be a lot of walking soon. We’re trying to get more things done about […]

Street Names


I continue to share the observations form my walks around the city. Here’s a thing that catches my attention all the time. Many of the streets have simple, concise and, in a way, romantic names, unlike the city I come from (and I can probably speek for the country on the whole, too) where the […]



As the summer is approaching I take more and more pleasant walks on my free time to enjoy the warm air, the sun and the views. One thing I wanna share is these bad quality shots of amazing bridges of Coruña that all have the same style.

¿Que sabes de Ucrania?


Este país no es uno de los mas turisticos en Europa pero tiene mucho que ofrecer. Entonces ¿que ya sabemos de Ucrania y que mas tenemos que saber? Ucrania es un país en el este de Europa, el segundo más grande del continente por extensión después de Rusia y por delante de Francia y España, […]



Almost nobody came to school today because of the strike. It has something to do with the reform in higher education. I’ve noticed that this happens quite a lot at school. I am looking forward to seeing the kids next week and asking them what is it exactly that they are protesting against. And if […]

My Home Town


This time I wanted to share with you a little bit of what my city looks like. Here go random pictures that I took over the past couple of year.  

Wandering around Coruña


Elbowing through humid masses of clouds, stubborn and resistent winds, and people reluctant to believe it (like me), the spring is coming to Coruña. So I took a walk to enjoy the occasional bursts of sunlight. Further follow only the images of what I found to be a pleasant view. I invite you to share […]



A little note on why pronuncing things correctly when learning a foreign language is important. Just thinking out loud here. It is a common belief that vocabulary and grammar are more important than phonetics. And it is true – who cares whether you pronounce your favourite “Do you speak English?” phrase with a a flawless standard American […]

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