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San Juan!!!


The whole fun around Midsummer night begins  in the evening 23th June on the streets of many Spanish cities and towns. Citizens listen to performances of musicians, dance, drink and eat delicious local dishes. Right at midnight they start bonfires around which everyone dances and chants. The characteristic point of the celebration are also jumping […]

La noche de San Juan a la polaca

La noche de San Juan a la polaca

Solsticio de verano en Polonia, Sobótka El nombre “Sobótka” deriva de la palabra el sábado  Durante un verano temprano, por lo general los sábados personas se reúnen en un fuego, saltando a través del fuego, cantando canciones, danza y mucha diversión. También había un poco de magia que participan en estos rituales. Esto era probablemente […]



Voluntary service is not a bucolic tale. Everlasting travelling, meeting new people, tastes etc. It’s also nostalgia, homesickness, longing for friends and home. In 3 weeks will have ended my adventure with volunteering – the 4th July I will land in Warsaw. I’m already making up my schedule to organize my meetings with family and […]

I feel peckish!

pulpo a la gallego

Galicia boasts the best food, especially seafood. Nowhere else will you find so many types. What I like eating the most? My favourite dainties are navajas, zamburinas and of course pulpo a’la gallego or pulpo a’la plancha. I also wouldn’t mind eating a tortilla, notably if it’s a bit succulent inside. Another delicious dish is […]

10 things that surprise me in Spain


10 things that surprise me in Spain but which I managed to get used to It’s not so warm here, not at all, and homes lack heaters. The fact that when I buy Italian food, it is certain that I won’t find a root of parsley or celery in it, but instead there will be […]

Facts about Poland


  The name of the country is thought to have come from the tribe of Polans (Polanie in Polish), around the time of the 8th or 9th centuries, when several parts of Poland were united. It comes from the word “field” or “plain,” which constitutes quite a bit of the country’s landscape. Poland was the […]

Lo que es necesario saber sobre Polonia

Lo que es necesario saber sobre Polonia

Polonia (Polska) oficialmente denominada República de Polonia ( Rzeczpospolita Polska).   Bandera Escudo Capital Varsovia Moneda złoty (PLN) Saludo Al saludar se utiliza generalmente la palabra “CZEŚĆ” En Polonia, hay un hábito de dar un apretón de las manos, es un hábito entre los hombres. Si en la compaňia hay una mujer, este gesto no […]



I spent almost a whole week travelling in Spain. After my visit in Barcelona, my destinations were Salamanca and Madrid! On this voyage I went with other volunteers. During our volunteery job you can meet a vast number of people J. At first, I visited Salamanca which is called „The Spanish Athens” or „little Rome”. […]

3 days in Barcelona!


Volunteering is not only about job, but it’s also a possibility to travel. Inasmuch as till the end of my EVS there are only two month left, my schedule is very tight. In April I visited Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca. The first city I visited with my sister who arrived there by plane. We spent […]



Every volunteer is entitled to a holiday during voluntary service. For my first short vacation, I chose Andalusia. Just for a moment, I wanted to escape from rainy Galicia, because the weather in the beginning of March was terrible. What a surprise, when Sevilla welcomed me with rain! Luckily, the sky cleared up quickly and […]

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