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Highlights: deciembre hasta enero


Wow.  Time passes here so quickly. Already I am 1/3 of the way through my EVS experience.  ‘‘Time flies when you are having fun’’… but also, when you are busy and when you have new and interesting challenges to fill your time. This is how I would describe the last 8 weeks. Very full. Here […]

Small victories


This week has been a positive one for me. At the beginning of the month Anastazja told the Muxelka volunteers we would be giving a presentation to 60 bachillerato students from IES Elviña …En español! The thought of this presentation filled me with complete dread! Some fear spiders, others fear small spaces or even clowns- […]

Columbia to A Coruña!


IES Elviña played host to musicians all the way from Columbia. Segundo and trecero were off timetable for the afternoon to enjoy the concert. It was great to see students  and teachers enjoy the music. Saludos, Gina

Mi día en el sol amarillo


The weather has been unusually kind to us since arriving in Coruña. Almost everyone has commented on how it is normally cold and rainy at this time of year. As a result Eliza I decided to make the most of the sun and venture down to Santiago de Compostela, a near by city. Santiago is […]

Siestas and Fiestas


I don’t think the Spanish sleep!… My routine has been non-stop since I got here. It seems typical for people to complete their work and take a brief siesta late afternoon, mid-evening. But this is a luxury and not always possible for all. For me attending school Monday to Friday and Spanish lessons in the […]

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