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Learning how to learn? i.e. On-arrival training


The whole experience of EVS is about learning: learning a new language, learning about culture, learning or better say acquiring new skills at the new ‘workplace’, etc. However, I would say that the focus of the EVS is actually learning more about ourselves, and that is what makes it so different from traditional way of […]

What do I actually do here?


When I was leaving Split, everyone kept asking me what I was going to do here, and honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to say. A few weeks later, I think I got the picture of what I’m here for. But ‘think’ is a crucial word There are two different acivities that I’m involved in. […]

Welcome to A Coruña

Welcome to A Coruña

How and where to start?! So many thoughts are passing through my head right now, so maybe it would be the best to present myself first. My name is Ana and I’m from Split, Croatia, and I came to A Coruña to work as a volunteer for nine months. I had been looking for different […]

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