Siestas and Fiestas


I don’t think the Spanish sleep!… My routine has been non-stop since I got here. It seems typical for people to complete their work and take a brief siesta late afternoon, mid-evening. But this is a luxury and not always possible for all. For me attending school Monday to Friday and Spanish lessons in the evenings, I have had to quickly become a IMG_5316master at time management and planning. Of course, one of the most important things on the schedule is fiesta (since I am in Spain)!! Ana being the best mentor and tour guide ever invited The Maria Pita Compañeras [MPC] out to an event called ‘Queimada’. This is a fire ritual said to cast away evil spirits …by setting alcoholic spirits on fire ahahaha. If I’m honest I’m not entirely sure what the whole spectacle was about as it was conducted in Gallego (the regional language) but it was amazing to see such a range of nationalities under one roof – Queimada is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. As the bar tender called each country out, it seemed as though we were incorporated into the ritual! Group chants of LUMIEA and of course the flowing beverages created a lovely atmosphere of unity.

As el fin de semana arrived it seemed only right to attend another fiesta. Twice in one week :O :O – Loca! We set off first for some tapas followed by a Ska concert, typically this would
be more than enough for one night’s entertainment! But No, a Spanish night out means all night! The concert was followed by a string of taverns and bars where we sampled Sangria and other delights. Ana informed me that ‘es normal’ for Spanish people to attend a fiesta as late as 3 am! The tiredness disappeared as soon as I heard the sounds of Reggaeton, Merengue and Bachata. Baliamos todo la noche!

As the weather has been so good since our arrival, The MPC decided to make the most of the beautiful sun and head down to Riazor Beach, just 30/40 minutes (scenic) walk from our apartment. Finally, a chance to relax, catch some sun and some much-needed rest.

IMG_20171007_190028000Something para picar – Churros!! At the famous El Timon!  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.



G :)

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