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The Cultural Association Muxelka is a non-profit organization that works in the sphere of non-formal education, as well as promotes and supports volunteering.

It was founded in 2014 by a team with experience in different entities at the European level.

Its main objectives are to:

• Spread the spirit of community and solidarity across the countries of EU
• Stimulate learning of the European languages and cultures among the locals
• Support informative, scientific and educational initiatives
• Stimulate youth employment and international professional activity
• Promote tourism and local traditions among foreigners
• Facilitate the contact among different European organizations

We primarily work with Erasmus+, but also participate in other European programs.


• European Voluntary Service

Cultural Association Muxelka has been working as a sending and host organization, as well as a coordinating organization since 2014 (Nº ref. 2014-1-ES02-KA110-005640), promoting the
European Voluntary Service (EVS). Also, Muxelka is involved in local volunteering activities.

• Management of European projects

Muxelka identifies and embodies the financing sources (search of grants, preparation of memos to present projects to the administration, preparation of the documentation). Creating the network of collaboration among the organizations, it deals with filing offers that are introduced to different financing programs for different organizations.

• International cooperation in the sphere of youthwork

Muxelka is very involved in the promotion of youth exchange and in offering the first international and intercultural exchange to the youth of our community: we organize internships abroad, youth exchanges and international trainings.
Apart from that, we are also focused on the exchange of experiences, creation of networks and implementation of training courses in the spheres Muxelka specializes on – intercultural education, language exchange.

• Local youthwork

It consists in the online youth information center and local projects with an objective to initiate the youth participation, the integration of the immigrants in the local society and fighting against racism and discrimination.
To increase the participation of youth we organize information events about the Erasmus+ program.

Furthermore, we offer all the necessary information to the youth who wants to travel, work or study abroad.

• Linguistic activities

We promote European mobility projects by organizing language courses, language tandems and informal meetings to practise different European languages (English, Polish, Russian and soon many more).

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